Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Heat Sealers

Accu-Seal Medical grade heat sealers are trusted for medical and pharmaceutical product packaging. Our medical-grade heat sealers offer the features, performance, and reliability to satisfy the most demanding applications.

Available with vacuum, and gas purge capability, our sealers are compatible with a variety of bag materials, including polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene, HDPE, Tyvek, foil lamination, Mylar, Nylon, and others. Temperature control and password protected recipes ensure process validation and compliance with ISO 11607 packaging standards.

Compare the sealers below:

Model 8000 Compact Pneumatic Impulse Heat Sealer

Model 8000 medical pouch heat sealer is ideal for medical, lab, and pharmaceutical product packaging requirements where space, performance, and flexibility are critical. The unique “Quick-Release” vacuum and seal bar plates facilitate quick removal for cleaning and maintenance. Available with single or multiple nozzle configurations, process alarm settings, multiple operating modes, password protected seal parameter recipes, and selectable upper heat or both upper and lower heat. RoHS compliant design also provides for process validation (ISO 11607), calibration ready, and available with CE compliance.

Available in Seal only or Gas-Vacuum configurations.

Model 830 Modular Heat Sealer

Provides flexibility to arrange a sealing station with a remote tabletop seal head. Perfect for laminar flow hoods and small work areas. Digital HMI touchscreen is mounted on a flexible arm for easy access and visibility. The control cabinet can be remotely located from the seal head assembly. Optional stand mounting for sealing in a vertical, horizontal or angled position. Programmable alarms for process faults, multiple seal parameter recipes, and password protection for process validation and compliance with ISO11607. Integrates high-speed PLC controls with external verification ports offer ease of calibration. CE compliant.

HDMP3-TC Heavy Duty Pneumatic Impulse Sealer

For large product packaging that requires tight process control, the HDMP3TC seals bags up to 50 inches in length. The HDMP3TC offers open-ended seal bars with wide jaw opening for ease of bag entry and positioning. Can operate on a sturdy horizontal tabletop or can be stand-mounted for orientation in the vertical position. Password protected alarm and seal parameter settings, digital PLC control, with multiple operating modes and recipe programs.

Available in Seal only or Gas-Vacuum configurations.

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