Medical Product Packaging Heat Sealers

Medical impulse heat sealers to satisfy the demands of medical packaging applications.

Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Heat Sealers

Medical grade heat sealers trusted for medical and pharmaceutical product packaging.

Electronics Packaging Heat Sealers

Sealers for packaging electronic assemblies where static or moisture sensitivity is critical.

Industrial Product Packaging Heat Sealers

Heat sealers for packaging static or moisture-sensitive products.

Cannabis Packaging Heat Sealers

We help growers and processors achieve desired post-harvest levels of THC.

Hemp Packaging Heat Sealers

We help growers and processors achieve desired post-harvest levels of CDB.

Bulk Specialty Food Bag Sealers

Heat sealers with the features and flexibility to meet low to moderate production volumes needs.

Cosmetic and Skincare Tube Sealing

Ideal for small batch runs, research & lab use, or start-up operations.

Featured Heat Sealer Products

6300SP Validatable Medical Sealer

An evolution in our original 6300 validatable sealers integrating improved features in design, performance and flexibility.

675 smartVAC2 Vacuum Sealer

Our newest smartVAC2 integrates a high-resolution HMI digital display and PLC controls, resulting in improved user interface and reliability.

Model HDMP3-TC Heavy Duty

Built with industry leading seal pressure to seal even the toughest materials for medical and pharmaceutical packaging.


Model 8000 Medical Sealer

Features our Quick-Release Vacuum System® to easily remove the vacuum system and seal bar for simplified cleaning, sterilization and maintenance.

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