Cosmetic and Skincare Tube Sealing

 Accu-Seal Tube Sealers are ideal for small batch runs, research & lab use, or start-up operations. Adjustable heat and cool timers ensure repeatable seal performance for a wide range of plastic or plastic-lined tubes in medical, cosmetic, or scientific laboratory environments. Operation easy, safe, and economical to use.

Model 50 Tube Sealer- Impulse Heat

The Accu-Seal pneumatic plastic tube sealer is the economical answer for sealing a wide variety and sizes of plastic or plastic-lined tubes and is ideal for use in the home, lab, or limited production environments. Fast and reliable, this machine seals one rack of tubes in the time it takes to prepare a second rack. A set of two standard-size racks are included with each machine. The Model 50 is easy and safe to operate, using analog adjustments for bar heating, seal time and cool-down time. Height adjustment of either standard or custom racks allow for users to seal a wide range of tube configurations.

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