Model 675 smartVAC2 Bag Sealer – Impulse Heat

Our newest smartVAC2 integrates a high resolution HMI digital display and PLC controls, resulting in improved user interface and reliability. The smartVAC2 is built to handle the most challenging industrial production environments, with intuitive user-friendly controls that operators can learn in minutes.

Open ended seal bars and pneumatic vacuum nozzle retraction improve flexibility and production efficiency. Heating provided by lower seal bar. Standard safety features include low pressure jaw close and emergency stop switch.

The smartVAC2 sealer is designed for tabletop or stand-mounting for ease of relocation and sealer orientation to meet unique production requirements. An optional product support tray is available to support a variety of product packaging configurations.

Features include:

  • Impulse Heat
  • Budget Sealer
  • Timer Control
  • Electric Foot Pedal Operation
  • Powder Coated Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Tabletop or Stand Mount
  • Horizontal to Vertical Seal Orientation
  • Moisture and Oxygen Sensitive Product Applications