Model 60 Feed-Through Heat Sealer

The Model 60 Feed-Through Heat Sealer is a workhorse, custom-crafted from lightweight aluminum and designed for oversized and heavy-duty packaging applications. This pneumatic feed-through impulse heat sealer has a welded frame to provide the structural stability necessary to heat seal up to 10’ in length and is available with temperature control and cut-off systems. Standard color: White

Built-In Features:

  • Pneumatic Jaw Pressure Control
  • 10 Second Adjustable Electronic Heat Timer
  • 60 Second Adjustable Electronic Cool Timer
  • Obstruction Sensing Safety Circuit
  • Lockout Control Safety Key Switch

Factory Options:

Call Accu-Seal for more details and custom requests regarding element widths, temperature controls, cutter and special variations for your specific materials. Standard Color: White (Black or Anthricite additional)