Model HDMP3-TC Heavy Duty Temperature Controlled

Temperature Controlled, Heavy-duty, Validatable Vacuum Sealer with Gas Purge Built to handle the big jobs and the toughest materials for Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging. Total process control and Seal lengths up to 50”

Designed for accurate, reliable, repeatable fully validatable total process control. This heavy-duty sealer is built with industry leading seal pressure to seal even the toughest materials. The HDMP operates on a tabletop, stand or in a full vertical position over a conveyor to maximize production.

100% verifiable & calibratable across all seal parameters for ISO 11607 compliance. Fully lock out protected, alarmed, digital process control. The user-friendly LCD touch screen and high speed PLC provide the confidence that all process parameters are maintained seal-to-seal. External verification ports offer ease of calibration.