675 smartVAC2 Vacuum Sealer

The Model 675 SmartVAC2 is designed for general purpose sealing applications where reliability and flexibility are paramount to your operation. This time-controlled sealer offers an affordable sealing solution for a multitude of applications. The impulse heating technology employed in the Model 675 SmartVAC2 allows for sealing of virtually all bag or pouch materials, with the added features of vacuum and gas purging if required.

Choose Seal only, Vac-Seal, Gas-VacSeal, or Multi-mode operation with one machine.

  • Outstanding Value
  • Unmatched Product Quality
  • Loaded with Standard Features
  • Made in USA

Features and Improvements

High Resolution Color-Enhanced Display
Ease of set-up and operation.

Multiple Seal Lengths
Available in 20, 25 or 30-inch seal lengths.
1/4” seal width (std); 3/8” available

Improved Safety and Reliability
Dual, independent jaw obstruction sensing and alarms.
DC control circuit.
Display remains powered with E-Stop engaged.

Recipe and Password Protection (Optional)
Up to 10 recipe settings
Multi-level password protection to parameter/alarm settings.

High Flow Nozzle/Ejector Option
Fast evacuation for vacuum sealing larger bags.

Available in 2 Configurations
675V2 Vacuum-Seal
675M2 Gas-Vacuum-Seal

Powder Coated Welded Stainless-Steel Case