675 smartVAC Vacuum Sealer

The smartVac Vacuum Sealer series is ideal for packaging moisture and oxygen sensitive products, as well as industrial and consumer goods. These pneumatic impulse heat vacuum sealers are designed for sealing a wide range of bag materials and are available in three models: the 675V-Vacuum Sealer, the 675G-Gas-Vacuum Sealer and the 675M-Gas-Vacuum sealer with six seal modes and multi-cycle.

Model 1- 675V- Vacuum and Seal only mode

Model 2- 675G- Gas-Vacuum-Seal, Vac-Seal , and Seal only mode

Model 3- 675M- Six seal modes with multi-cycle (1-99), plus independent Vac1 and Gas1 and Vac2 and Gas2 times, as well as Seal only mode.